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Its wonderful to see the joy that my animal portraits bring to the owners of the many dog, cat, horse or even in some cases cow portraits that I have created over the years. Although not limited to these animals, I always aim to portray the diversity, individuality and above all, the unique character of my subjects through the medium of gouache or acrylic.


Animal Portrait Gallery

A big thank you to all those who have commissioned me already to create that special memory of their best friends. I look forward to creating many more treasured memories for other animal owners.

Do you want to discuss an animal portrait?

I would be delighted to talk with you about a new animal portrait and answer any questions or queries you have about any part of the process.

An animal portrait would make a great gift for a loved-one, and the perfect reminder of your pets unique charm and personality. Please call me on 01295 268516.

Mel, Birmingham

Large canvas of 3 dogs

"Just wanted to say how wonderful the painting is of my beloved dogs is, you have captured them with brilliance I cannot thank you enough, it is truly remarkable piece of art so thank you."

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A pet portrait would make a great gift for a loved-one

Please call me on 01295 268516 to discuss a portrait of your animal.

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