Dog Portraits

Most dog lovers will agree that dogs are like better versions of humans, but with furrier coats and waggy tails. They radiate vast quantities of genuine character and personality, are fiercely loyal, and give us lots of unconditional love. Commonly referred to as our best friend, it isn’t surprising that dog portraits are by far and away my most commissioned painting.

hand painted dog portraits
dog portraits painted with windsor and newton acrylic paints

"The most important thing is getting the look that you see in your dog as well as capturing the likeness."

Capturing personality in dog portraits

A dog’s vibrant personality is what makes him so special, and it’s also what makes him such an integral part of the family. I’m a dog owner myself and understand the special place they hold in your heart. As dog owners, we want to create memories and take photos that perfectly capture our fury friend’s unique character. When I paint dog portraits, the most important thing is getting the look that you see in your dog as well as capturing the likeness.

Dog portraits in gouache or acrylic

I will undertake dog portraits of any size in either acrylic or gouache. Whenever possible I would always like to meet your dog and experience their characteristics first hand. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the type of dog painting you want, including its composition, medium (gouache or acrylic) and finished size. Obviously meetings are not always possible, and I can work from a selection of high quality photos.

Commissions for dog portraits are very flexible, where anything is possible. I can undertake traditional dog portraits and group portraits; montages of your dog in different poses; and also paint your dog at work and at play.

dog portrait silhouette

A simple process for commissioning a dog portrait

animal portrait process step 1


A meeting with you and your dog to see their unique personality and to take lots of photos. If a meeting isn’t possible I can work from your high quality photos.

animal portrait process step 2


Agreement on dog portrait composition, medium (choose from either gouache or acrylic), size of board or canvas, timescale and overall fee.

animal portrait process step 3


A dog portrait takes about 1 week to complete. I’ll email a photo for your approval, and can make minor adjustments if required.

animal portrait process step 4


Apart from canvas commissions, all portraits come with a card mount. I also offer an optional framing service.

animal portrait process step 5


We can arrange to meet at my studio or at your home. Deliveries are also possible for long distance commissions.

Commissioning a dog portrait is straight forward. I can help guide you through all your options so that you have the perfect portrait of your beloved dog to treasure forever. 

Recent dog portrait commissions

I am a very keen dog portrait artist because these wonderful animals make such fabulous subjects. These are a small selection of recent dog portraits, and you can browse a larger collection within my animal portraits portfolio.

Do you want to discuss a dog portrait?

I would be delighted to talk with you about a new dog portrait and answer any questions or queries you have about any part of the process. Please call me on 01295 268516.

Vil, Cotswolds

Portrait commissioned by his friends as a wedding present

"I have to say, I nearly cried looking at this picture - it’s absolutely beautiful! I cannot describe in words how happy I feel looking at it. You have an amazing talent, and I am so grateful that you have been able to share that talent with us in the form of this gorgeous painting. I am ecstatic and very very happy. Thank you."

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A pet portrait would make a great gift for a loved-one

Please call me on 01295 268516 to discuss a portrait of your animal.

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