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Commissions for equine, particularly, horse portraits represent a unique challenge and are always welcome. My love of horses has been with me since a young child, and wonderful memories have inspired me to recreate the personality in horses and capture the rich colours and contrasts of its coat and mane. I always get excited to receive a horse commission and love to do the more traditional portrait or something that captures the grace and beauty of these magnificent animals.

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Capturing the power and grace in horse portraits

Horses are all powerful, graceful, soulful and connected animals. I have always loved the challenge of bringing such characteristics to life through the use of paint.

After the initial sketch I always start painting the eyes to immediately capture the individuality, build a connection with the horse and let the communication unfold. Either a single horse portrait, montage portrait, or within a natural environment I develop the story of the horse throughout the entire composition.

Having lived within the heart of the countryside surrounded by horses, I’ve been witness to the raw and authentic relationship between horse and rider. The commitment and passion in this unique relationship is why so many people are consumed by a love for these creatures, and the reason why I get excited when asked to include a rider within a painting. As an artist I have a huge respect for these extraordinary animals, and including the rider within a horse portrait enhances the power and grace of the horse.

"I always start painting the eyes to immediately capture the individuality."

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A simple process for commissioning a horse portrait

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A meeting with you and your horse to see their unique personality and to take lots of photos. If a meeting isn’t possible I can work from your high quality photos.

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Agreement on your horse portrait composition, medium (choose from either gouache or acrylic), size of board or canvas, timescale and overall fee.

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A horse portrait takes about 1 week to complete. I’ll email a photo of the portrait for your approval, and can make minor adjustments if required.

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Apart from canvas commissions, all portraits come with a card mount. I also offer an optional framing service.

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We can arrange to meet at my studio or at your home. Deliveries are also possible for long distance commissions.

Commissioning a horse portrait is straight forward. I can help guide you through all your options so that you have the perfect portrait of your horse to treasure forever. 

Recent horse portrait commissions

Given the stature of horses, I recommend a larger portrait to capture the full personality in arresting detail. Browse a small selection of larger horse portraits below and also see a more expansive collection within my animal portraits portfolio.

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Do you want to discuss a horse portrait?

I would be delighted to talk with you about a new horse portrait and answer any questions or queries you have about any part of the process. Please call me on 01295 268516.

Harriet, Gloucester

Portrait of ‘Camara’ a horse that had recently died

"Oh Sarah, it’s beautiful, and made me cry with such emotion and joy. Thank you so much for capturing my girl. I will forever hold this so close to my heart and cannot thank you enough."

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A pet portrait would make a great gift for a loved-one

Please call me on 01295 268516 to discuss a portrait of your animal.

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